Thursday, May 5, 2011

American citizen Josh Vandiver and his husband Henry Velandia need our help NOW!

U.S. Immigration is due to deport the Venezuelan husband of American Citizen Josh Velandia, tomorrow
Henry Velandia and Josh Vandiver

Josh Vandiver and his Venezuelan husband Henry Velandia need people to call Homeland Security's message line 202-282-8495 and leave messages for Secretary Janet Napolitano, calling on a moratorium on the deportations of the foreign partners of gay Americans.  Your message can be like this:

"Hi, I am (YOUR NAME) calling from (YOUR CITY), and this message is for Secretary Janet Napolitano. I am calling to ask for an immediate moratorium on deportations of loving LGBT married couples. I am incredibly disappointed that your office has done nothing to halt the impending deportation of Henry Velandia, married to American citizen Josh Vandiver. And he could be deported tomorrow!”

Hurry, because Henry may be deported tomorrow.  If he is deported, he will be banned from re-entry to the the United States for at least 10 years.  This wholesale, religious ideology motivated and inspired malicious attack against bi-national gay couples must be stopped!  President Obama definitely has the power to do this, and he definitely knows that we are being harmed by the indefensible and unconstitutional "DOMA" (Defense of Marriage Act) law, drafted 15 years ago by U.S. Representative Bob Barr and urged by President Clinton for political gain.  In other words, they were willing to harm gay Americans for political gain.  Now former Republican and now Libertarian Representative Bob Barr (Georgia) has admitted that DOMA was a big mistake, and should not be enforced pending its repeal by Congress.

Thank you,

Madison Reed

Latest:  Henry Velandia's Deportation Proceeding Adjourned, AG Holder's Decision Cited As Reason

Sign a Petition to Stop Henry's deportation (Our signatures helped!!  His deportation has been delayed.    Yaaayy!!!!)
Join Us: Rally Tomorrow at Newark Immigration Court to Stop The Deportation of Henry Velandia 
Same-Sex couple faces deportation dilemma (VIDEO: 


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