Saturday, April 16, 2011

My second encounter with Solar Intelligence

Madison Reed
This morning a wonderful event happened during my sleep, that was so powerfully intense that it raised me to waking consciousness.

The Sun, or a Sun, abruptly intervened into my activities during my sleep.  I can't recall what I had been doing or where I had been, but suddenly this orange disc appeared before me and took me into its resistless grip with what I could best describe as an ejection of some kind of torrential energy.  It was aimed at me and entered my body starting at the top of my head.  The energy download sent an electric-like - but not painful - flow down through my body, causing it to mildly convulse.  It felt like every nerve and every cell was becoming activated and revitalized.  The benevolent force was so overwhelming that it pushed me upward to the state of waking consciousness, and the effects continued for some moments after I awakened.

Throughout the entire process of the Sol directing its energy through my body, it was emanating a low frequency sound that was like some kind of voice that you could imagine a celestial being would have. I've never heard any sound like it.   It wasn't a continual wave form.  It was some kind of very slow speech, but not like human speech - alien, and like a sound that could be coming from an enormous machine-like device.  It would frighten you if you heard it out of the blue.  But for me it evoked communication with a Solar Being of extreme intelligence, of ancient guardian wisdom, like when some of us think of contact with Deity.

From the moment of my awakening, as the torrential wave flow's intensity was beginning to lessen, I was noticing the effects of the energy flowing down my arms and trunk. Similar to the way that a pleasant temperature water would feel if it were it to flow down my arms and lower extremities, the final gentle waves of goosebumps and coolness, followed by relaxation, left me with relaxed with a good feeling.   I had no doubt that the Solar Intelligence had come to me and downloaded some kind of information. I also felt that in the process, I had received some kind of healing.  No doubt, this was a good omen.

This is the second time that I can recall having a powerful interaction with solar intelligence.  The first was about ten years ago, and I was not sleeping this time.  It lasted about four hours, and centered around Beauty and Evolution, and how all life originated from the Sun.

I don't know what my two contacts with the Sun mean.  Maybe they have some relationship to kundalini awakening.  Perhaps the Sun apparition represents represents the presence of some other kind of being.  My hunch is that all Sols scattered throughout the Universe, are agents of the Creator.

If anyone knows more about this subject, please contact me.

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Anonymous said...

The Sun is the muscline aspect of The Creator,just like Mother Earth is the feminine aspet... our origins can be traced back to the Lyria star system...We left tat home wen d Draconians invaded...We spread all over,including tis solar system,residing on big planet called Maldec..tat too wz invaded..then we came to Earth..Ur experience is fascinating,but u must always search in ur heart if d solar beings r benovelent..Unless it allows u to bring out ur own Christ Light,u hv to be vary...coz there r bearers of d false light tat hv angelic abilities,tricking us into falling into their 4th dimensional realm..if it cured u in some ways its gud.This celest being thinks its doing d rite thing n is harmless,n does not really realise tat it hs been misled as well..if u ask,we each r aspects of our own God,hv d seed of the Light prevalent in us all n shld nevr allow outside lite to impose in us,coz then they lach their tentacles in us,n manipulate strong n bring out ur own lite,then no matter wat they do,u will nevr loose d real u...if u dont recognise them,u shld demand tem to leave u alone...tat is Y George keeps telling us not to do those 3rd meditations wit Gurus,they r feedin u their light(their tentacles) a d 4D thing...light frm the heart is d real God Light,d total sum of all d chakras.Pls dont get offended by this,but if u r..Id rather hv u mad at me,then keep silent about it...peace n love<3

lotusopening said...

Dear Anonymous,

I don't believe light/energy, or information, is true or false, really. Isn't it more about whether its purpose and effect serves Good, by manifesting Wisdom, Justice and Love?

Sometimes its difficult to always know in the beginning whether contact with another being is benevolent, or serves to bring out our own Christ Light. I'll give you an example from my own life experience, to explain to you what I mean:

Ten or more years ago, the presence of lights started appearing in my life; whitish blue disc and rod-shaped lights coming from my brow chakra and lighting up my surroundings; brilliant laser bright indigo and magenta points of light that would appear as if they were being shined through small portals that open from the fabric of the 3-D world, just for 2-3 seconds, shining the light into my face and then quickly closing; and hundreds of small whitish blue lights all around my head and visual field that look like the starry night field Windows screen saver. Whatever that process is, it began 10 or more years ago, and the lights are still present with me when I turn inwardly and focus on them. But I'm not certain what their purpose is, and they don't seem to have done much to bring about my own Christ Light, unless they're visually seen metaphors of that inner spiritual light reality.

I've had no gurus, and the so-called gurus I've known have caused me to question whether pure-hearted Christ-like gurus exist. I suspect that they do, but their presence is very diluted.

My default setting is to to be open to all beings, and to learn. Because I don't know a being, doesn't mean that I should avoid contact. And you're right that having Light within our hearts is the most important. But very few people would believe they don't have light within their hearts - even those who use the name of God and Angels as their authority to abuse others. Ultimately its the the outer "fruit," or the good character and deeds produced by an individual's life, that are the indications to us that the individual is filled with the presence of the divine Light.

I'm very happy to receive your loving counsel, and you have not in any way offended me.

Please continue visiting my blog, and keep in touch with me.


Anonymous said...

I can relate to ur r setting ur journey on default,n its a sensible approach. And the only to know the true light is to xperience all that comes ur way...I m amazed that these disc n rod shaped lights appear to u...maybe u should try communicating with them,really...There cld be a deep connection betwn them n u,beyond this 3D level,of ur previous life,or higher aspect...Maybe they r coming to help u recall d reason u r here...This is most facinating Madison,n thank u for not misunderstang me...but always bear in mind,whatever light u see,ur inner light is the greatest truth,n more powerful than any external lights...please do update me on ur journey,I love to be a part of ur most extraordinary journey..n yes,there r well meaning Gurus out there,but this 4D light bearers dont realise its not d true lite..its deep rooted in their culture,passed down thru generations in India,atleast majority r :)

lotusopening said...

The Light works through and with, all people, of all beliefs. It isn't a judge.

~Madison Reed