Saturday, October 9, 2010

Sifting God from religion and spreading the fire of oneness throughout the world

Dear Naeem Jan,

IT'S HAPPENING TO YOU TOO, in the Northwest Frontier Province of Pakistan - the land of the Pakhtoons!  Indeed, the spark of oneness consciousness is spreading into every village, into every household, and awakening and changing human beings in every spot on our planet!  The reality of oneness consciousness - our brotherhood and sisterhood with all humanity and every creature - is the superior reality that defines and gives validity to all of the world's religions.

So we all need to ask ourselves, "What has happened?"  Why was this message aborted and suppressed through the world's religious systems?  Shouldn't we demand that our religious systems re-adjust themselves to conform to this higher reality - and conform absolutely, with no more theological bullshit that says that they already do, when in fact we know very well that they do not?

Brothers and sisters, are we getting tired of all the lies, and are we yearning to advance ourselves and explore the limits of what the Creator has given us?  Think about it:  Do you really believe that the Creator of UniverseS - yes "Universes" in the plural - the Creator who is behind the creation of countless numbers of creatures with evolutionary histories of their own and with their own unique societies and orders - that this omniscient Creator is a Shí'íh Muslim, a Sunni Muslim, a Jew, a Hindu, a Bahá'í or a Christian?  Or do you really honestly believe that He cares about whether you are a man or a woman, gay or straight, that you trim your beard or let it grow long, or whether you eat corn or rice?  The phenomenon of religion represents humanity's yearning to connect ourselves to the divine, and to express the Creator's Will for us, so that we can feel His presence and love.  But religions are still more earthly than heavenly and more limited than limitless.  Can we agree on this?

So, the reason I'm saying this, is to get you to think about the "why" behind all the misery we're inflicting upon each other, and why we're still separating ourselves from each other and carrying around hatred for our fellow human beings who are NECESSARILY different than we are.  It is because we are making the grave mistake of anthropomorphizing the Creator.  We are ascribing human qualities and characteristics to Him.  We are turning Him into a Christian and a Muslim; giving him a penis, dressing him in suits and covering Him with a niqab, feeding Him fruit, putting a Bible and a Qur'an in His hands, and giving Him a sharp sword to go kill an infidel.  The Creator is none of this!

The reason we are all ONE and yet necessarily different, is because God is One and mirrors infinite variety.  All of our religions teach us to be more like God.  Right?  So, let's do it, and let's light the fire of oneness.  Take the fire to your grandmothers; to your children; to your provincial governors; to your school teachers, and to the teachers of religion.  In our generation, we can and WILL transform the consciousness of our world.




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