Thursday, September 16, 2010

Ash-e-Reshte Soup, Iranian Persimmons, and Zahra Rahnavard's great Autumn Feast

Hello again Madame Rahnavard,

Just this morning I saw a pretty photo of you wearing an autumn looking flower-patterned hijab.  For some reason unknown to me, as soon as I looked at your photo, in my mind's eye, I saw you preparing delicious Iranian fruit desserts, and cooking ash-e-reshte soup, which is my favorite of all soups!  I like ash with spinach (and possibly leek?) in it.  I also saw a large bowl of sweet persimmons sitting on your dinner table too.  I have no doubt that you are a master cook! 

As my mind's image expanded, I saw a great feast at your home.  It was in the autumn months.  You had invited hundreds of guests to a feast to celebrate the total victory of love, the oneness of mankind, and the disintegration of injustice, hatred and bigotry in your country.  The Iranian people were very happy, and it was a special time for celebration.

As I see it, the Child of the new and first, spiritually glorious Iran has already been born!  The future of your country is brilliant.  But in order to protect your nation, you MUST speak only truth from the heart - the whole truth when the time and circumstances are right - be the guardian of Justice and the champion of the oppressed people - of all of them; especially for those who are the most despised and slandered!

Let us know when you're going to prepare your great feast, so that we can eat and celebrate with you!

I read your news every morning and inwardly send you and your husband, and the amazing Iranian people to the Light of the Archangel Michael's protection.  There's no doubt that Michael is assisting you!

Blessings to you!

Madison Reed
Huntington, West Virginia


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