Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Hidden Face of Ali Hili, Founder of Iraqi LGBT

What you'll read below, reveals the hidden face of Ali Hili, founder of Iraqi LGBT. After he sent me this private email about a half hour ago, and berated me on his Facebook page, because I disagreed with him about the French ban of the full veil, he deleted my presence from his Facebook page - all because I had the audacity to support the rights of women, under attack all over the world by an intolerant and ugly form of Islam, views that he said, offended even secular Muslims.

Mr. Hili's emailed statement to me:
"Just for every islamophobic like you, you are loosing the support of secular Muslims by the way you attacking our faith, believe, and lifestyle , you never mention the killing of millions of Muslims by your governments in Palastine, Iraq , Afghanistan, Somalia and so many other part of the world, This Crusader/ Nazi movemnet is coming to an End In Sha Allah"
Although I guess I'm one of those "crusaders" as Ali sees it, the faith of my upbringing was Baha'i, a religion that emerged from Shi'ih Islam in Persia, and whose members have been persecuted and murdered by Muslims from the beginning of the Baha'i Faith's birth in the Garden of Ridvan in May 1863, in what is now Baghdad, Iraq  (See also the "Proclamation of Baha'u'llah"). I have no issue whatsoever with people because they're Muslim.  Islam is the Mother Faith of the Baha'i Faith!  My issue has been and will always be with human ignorance, fanaticism and bigotry - and it comes from many kinds of people, even from persecuted gays.

I wish the very best for Ali, and especially for all the innocent, helpless gay brothers and sisters in Iraq.

It is beyond a disgrace, that that United States and other western countries are sitting idly by, allowing innocent gay blood to flow in Iraq. And it seems deliberate to me, and follows a familiar pattern of heterosexual supremacy that turns away while we all suffer.

Where has 'Ali gotten his political, legal and financial support for gays under siege in Iraq, including for himself? All from Muslims?

I'm so finished with politics, ignorance and apathy.

Madison Reed

A Copy of the Thread that Caused Hili to go into a Rage:

Ali Hili:  The French Ban on Viel law will stigmatise Muslims in general, it ploy to attract far-right voters.Women should have the right to weather to wear it ot not, Islamophobic Sarkozi.SHAME ON France.

Madison Reed:  Ali, I don't believe the law will stigmatize Muslims anymore than anti-polygamy laws in the United States have stigmatized Mormons, anti-human sacrifice laws in India have stigmatized Hindus, or laws against burning Witches have stigmatized Christians.

Sure, for a while laws banning a full veil or burqah will thrill the right-wingers, but ultimately it will help freedom for people of faith and of no faith in France. More important than that, France's refusal to embrace a symbol of subjugation and inequality of the sexes, sends a direly needed message to societies who oppress women all over the world, that it is unacceptable.

Did you see my wall news post yesterday about the same subject? Because there is another very important issue that touches this subject; namely, citizenship and loyalty to one's country. This needs to be considered.

Ali Hili:  Madison, what about these womens right to choose to wear the viel, they French snatched away their right of choice and left hopeless with NO choice of whatsoever.
about an hour ago.

Madison Reed:  Ali, Islam never intended for women to wear a veil or burqah. This is an Arab tradition that predates the arrival of Islam, and is linked into that region's ancient, rooted fear of women's equality and freedom. I say, Muslim women all over the world should rip off their veils as one of Iran's heroine's and early followers of the Bab, Tahirih  (Qurrat'ul-'Ayn) did in the 1850's, when she said to the aghast crowd of Shi'ih men as she uncovered her face: "You can kill me as soon as you like, but you cannot stop the emancipation of women." Later, Tahireh was murdered by strangling.

I understand your point about a choice to wear a veil, but in this unusual case, putting on a simple cloth is a symbol of violence and human degradation.
about an hour ago.

Ali Hili: I have had enough of your racist disrespectful endless comment, all you do here is sending negative message about Islam and arabs. As nothing evere good comes from Islam and Arab world
about an hour ago.

Ali Hili: I have had enough of your racist disrespectful endless comment, all you do here is sending negative message about Islam and arabs. As nothing evere good comes from Islam and Arab world
about an hour ago · LikeUnlike

Ali Hili: You just don't get it do you? This is about taking away the freedom and right to choose, just like introducing a law for gay people to go straight or face fines
about an hour ago.

Madison Reed:   No Ali, it is you who don't get it. If racism is supporting the full equality, freedom and dignity of ALL women, then I am definitely a racist.

Islam IS a major problem - for you, for gay Iraqis and Iranians, for Baha'is, and for civil societies all over the world. As I said, it needs major reformation. Some Muslims are cry babies just like corrupt Catholic hypocrites who are in denial about their boy lovin' priests and cardinals. You are in denial about the monster that has been trying to devour you, and is killing our gay brothers in Iraq.  

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paulocanning said...

Any email is marked 'not for publication'. I work with Iraqi LGBT on comms, that's how I know.

And Ali's opinion is hardly "hidden" if he's writing on his Facebook page now is it?

There is virtually no 'political, legal and financial support for gays under siege in Iraq', especially the latter, 'including for himself'. Are you calling for support to be withdrawn? That's a serious thing to say.

People are constantly trying to use the plight of Iraqi gays in order to attack Islam. You are entitled to whatever your opinion is but Ali and other members of Iraqi LGBT are entitled to see right through you and refuse to be used.

You claim to wish them well but put your efforts into this. Help raise money to support safe houses and perhaps your views might carry more weight.

lotusopening said...

Hello Paul,

You don't know me. Ali publicly attacked me with statements that were not true - and he knows that they're fallacious, because we've communicated with each other before over instant messenger and via email, and he knows what kind of person I am.

Ali was the one who began the discussion saying shame on France for enacting anti-hijab legislation. When I expressed my views supporting the legislation, and referred him to additional discussion thread about the subject that I had participated in, and then backed my statements with verifiable facts, he tore into me and accused me of being a racist, and lumped me in with the Crusader and Nazi mentality.

After he smeared me with his bullshit, then he removed me from his Facebook page so that I could say nothing further. I've had this cowardly tactic used against me many times by religious wingnuts or politicians who won't stand up to scrutiny in a public forum. They first get real emotional, then they verbally smear you, and then they hit the delete button, so that they get the last word. This is another form of censorship.

I'm sure Ali will never admit it, but it was largely due to my early enthusiastic support for his effort before Iraqi LGBT had a presence on Facebook or many other places on the Internet, and due to my rage against the persecution of our Iraqi gay brethren, that Iraqi LGBT rapidly gained many contacts with influential people all over the world - because I helped him and encouraged him to do it.

I am absolutely devoted to ending the persecution against the LGBT community; in the United States; in Iran; in Iraq, Uganda, and all over the world, where we suffer day in and day out.

Although I'm not afraid of being hung or stoned to death because I am gay, at times I thought I was going to die under the physical and financial stress, and the loneliness imposed on me because laws here in the United States have kept me separated from the one I love for years!

After the economic downturn in the United States, and threats against me and calls to boycott my business from Christian hate cultists in my area - who even made threats to harm my partner in Europe - my writing against all forms of intolerance, be it homophobia, the subjugation of women, censorship, or the myriad other weapons people addicted to hate use to hurt good people, has become an obsession.

What I said about the predominant version of Islam currently harming many societies in the world, is true and verifiable.