Thursday, October 22, 2009

Invocation to Archangel Michael to Intercede for LGBTs Worldwide

Oh Great, Ancient Michael, our Archangel who attracts the hearts of God's Legions of Helpers throughout all the worlds and dimensions, both seen and unseen!

We, LGBT Americans are suffering terribly from the effects of forced separation from our foreign spouses and partners.

Intervene for us and unite us with our loved ones!

Homosexual, bisexual and transgendered people throughout America and the world have been suffering endlessly for centuries from cruel and deadly oppressors who have controlled our world religions and societies for millennia.

Intervene on our behalf!

Our religions were causes founded by the Spiritual Suns of humanity, Who were born into the world to bring Love and Justice, and yet the Founders were immediately delivered into the hands of the same ecclesiastical and political authorities who continue to oppress us and dim human civilization.

Free the earth of all parasitic influences!

Until now, the world's religions have not brought unity, justice or peace! They have largely failed us.

Sweep away the superstition and perversity from religion so that we can have peace!

Let's not forget that humanity's Teachers were were spit on; they were beaten, exiled, imprisoned, and murdered. Their oppressors spit on us, beat us, exile us, imprison us and murder us.

Shield and free us!

The world's LGBT people need your swift intercession.

Unite and protect our families!

Rip the mental and legal chains that our enemies have wrapped around us, and set us free!

And remove our perennial oppressors from their power and influence, forever!

We rest in your strong arms, and await your intervention.



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