Thursday, October 19, 2017

There's Still Time to Establish Yourself in Electroneum-the World's Next Bitcoin


There has been plenty of hype surrounding this crypto currency recently, which officially launches on November 1st.

Right now you can purchase 10,000 coins for less than a 100 DOLLARS!!! ( $100.00 )

0.01 per coin. A PENNY PER COIN!!!!!

Let’s say it hits $1 per coin on launch day or something near that, you purchased 100,000 coins for $1000 (which is what I personally did), that’s $100,000 in your crypto wallet 💰💰

I’m not going to drive into all the details, I’ll let the website do that for you:

Big brands are backing this ICO up and I have done my research and I’m more than excited!

I’d say that you drop what your comfortable with into this, just a heads up, Big investments bring big rewards!

If you would like to earn extra Electroneum (ETN), our referral program entitles you to a 5% bonus on all ETN purchased by people that you refer to the Token Sale. Anyone using your referral code will be given an additional 1% bonus themselves, ensuring they use your code when they sign up.

Simply share your referral link and we will automatically credit your rewards account with ETN as purchases are made. At the end of the Token Sale your ETN balance will be credited.

Is it guaranteed? Of course not!

But nobody ever got rich sitting on their asses and not taking advantage of opportunities that present themselves.

Comment below if you have any questions after reading the info on the website!

You will need to open Coinbase which is super simple, to fund your Electroneums. To purchase
Electroneum, you must use your credit or debit card, or a bank account, to first exchange your national currency into Etherium. Once you have your Etherium credited to your Coinbase Etherium Wallet, then from your Electroneum account, you can purchase your Electroneums. It's very easy.

Open your Coinbase wallet here:


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